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St Mary’s Reading Curriculum


Reading at home is vitally important to children's attainment and progress in school. Reading is prioritised in the curriculum and children are taught the skills to decode and read fluently, whilst given the time to read for pleasure and develop comprehension skills in whole class reading every day. 

Developing Fluency and Prosody

Individual reading -  Every child will have an individual reading book which they will read every morning as they enter school. 

Whole class reading - These support the children with the skills needed to read. These skills are known as Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Sequencing and Summarising (VIPERS)

Whole class reading at St Mary’s - There will be 5 x reading lessons a week. 

  • Monday will be vocabulary and context 
  • Tuesday will be reading the text together (choral, paired, echo) (prediction)
  • Wednesday will be retrieval
  • Thursday will be inference
  • Friday will be mixed inference and retrieval. 

Reading for Pleasure - At the end of every day the class teacher will read their whole class reading book to the children for 10 minutes. This allows the children to listen to high quality texts being read with prosody. 

Access to high quality texts - We have a brand new school library stocked with  beautiful fiction and non-fiction books. Each class has time where they can enjoy and use this space. 






Click on the links below for more support in developing your child's reading:

At St Mary's, we love listening to and telling stories. 

Click on each link below to listen to the children retelling some of their favourite stories. 

Mrs Steer’s Reading Choices

Year Three
 Any Enid Blyton texts, but particularly The Famous Five and St Malory Towers;
 Any Michael Morpurgo texts;
 Any Roald Dahl texts;
 The Indian in the Cupboard;

Year Four
 Stig of the Dump;
 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe;
 Little House on the Prairie;
 The Iron Man;

Year Five
 The Diddakoi;
 A Christmas Carol;
 Tom’s Midnight Garden;
 Watership Down;
 The Secret Garden;
 Anne of Green Gables;
 Black Beauty;
 Holes;
 Harry Potter Series;

Year Six
 Carrie’s War;
 When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit;
 Private Peaceful;
 Goodnight Mr Tom;
 Treasure Island;
 The Curious Incident of the Dog;
 The Railway Children;
 Street Child;
 Alex Ryder Series;
 Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl;
 All of Jane Austin texts;
 All of Agatha Christie texts.