About Us

Vision & Values

"They will soar on wings like eagles."


At St Marys, we nurture respectful and responsible global citizens who contribute to their communities with compassion and courage.  

Young minds grow with God’s love and an ambitious curriculum for all, to enable everyone to flourish as they ‘soar on wings like eagles’ and ‘live life in all its fullness’.


Our school values underpin everything we do

Respect shapes us: we value ourselves, each other and the world, we celebrate and understand difference

Responsibility enhances us: we take responsibility for ourselves, our learning and our actions. We always strive to make the impossible possible

Community and love guides us: we are kind and supportive and we have a love of learning. We are good citizens who play a positive role in our communities. 

Courage builds us: we are resilient, we work hard, we practise and we learn from our mistakes as we grow in the world around us. We stand up for what is right even in the face of adversity.

Ambition drives us: we value knowledge and skills, we accept challenges and celebrate achievements. We persevere to overcome challenges and barriers enabling us to show resilience.  

Nurture and love protects us: we openly show love and kindness to our peers, adults and community. We are not afraid to talk about our mental health, emotional or physical needs with trusted adults so we can be supported to be the best version of ourselves.