About Us


 Welcome to St Mary's!

We are James and Mia and we have been appointed the roles of Head Boy and Head Girl at St Mary’s. It is a great gift to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and tell you all about how we intend to create a loving, enjoyable atmosphere at our school.

We are filled with ideas of how we can make the school an even better place, and in being given this role, we can finally start making those dreams come true! We are also excited to be here for all members of the community, whether it is supporting a lonely child or giving a teacher advice about how to make lessons exciting!

Our first mission as prefects was to meet together and clarify how we would demonstrate our school values in everything we do. We are here to help in the following ways:


Raising aspirations – As prefects, we encourage others to have a growth mindset, challenge each other, and achieve the best possible version of themselves.

 Love for learning – We always try hard and aim to achieve our best as role models to others. It is our duty to monitor learning across the school and suggest improvements to enhance the St Mary’s community.

 Courage – We show that nothing is impossible – even when we ourselves are afraid. Together, our prefect team have the courage to remind others of our school values.

 Resilience – We remind others to have resilience in and outside of school. We ourselves will show bounce-back-ability to have a positive influence on the community.

 Positive Relationships – We will help to guide others to feel confident and make the right choices. We will be inclusive in all games, and always warmly welcome new members of the St Mary’s community.

 God’s Love – We monitor and encourage the school in raising as much money as possible for our chosen charities. We forgive and look after each other, knowing that everyone makes (and learns from) their mistakes.

We’re all in this together!

God Bless,

Mia (Head Girl) and James (Head Boy)


 Stay tuned for more introductions from our other prefects!